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Dr Otermans has been involved with academia and research in 5 countries. Her experience in this field ranges from teaching, to innovative curriculum development in several countries, multi-disciplinary research, and Higher Education Leadership in the UK and EU. 


She has recently extended her work in education to yet another continent - Asia to train over 31,000 students and teachers in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. She is also actively working with government to build a model training system that can be replicated to train over 10 million students in the Indian sub-continent.


Current Roles

Currently involved with selected high impact roles to  make a difference in society through academia, education development, and strategic management.

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Brunel University London

Lecturer (Education) and researcher at the Division of Psychology at Brunel University London. She is also solving pedagogic challenges by creating innovative teaching modules for the College of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences and a fresh skills development curriculum for Otermans Institute.

Otermans Institute

Co-founder and current Chair and Principal of Otermans Institute which aims to upskill a generation in Asia through innovative employability and soft skills training. Currently working with the state government of Uttarakhand in India to empower 25,000 students with the aim of replicating the model for millions of other students.

University of Cambridge GU

Deputy chair of the Board of Trustees for the University of Cambridge GU that overlooks the rights and wellbeing of 7,000+ postgraduate students at the University of Cambridge.



Academic Research

on innovation in education, student experience, and cognitive neuroscience

Curriculum Development

that is blended, unique, and innovative

Social innovation

projects that create a direct and long-lasting impact on society


Projects & Successes


Lessons For Humanity

Launched a free online learning series in May 2020 to help people stuck in lockdown learn bite-sized lessons to make their time at home productive, and to help with their mental wellbeing.

COVID-19 Fundraiser Book

Curated and launched the world's first fully comprehensive anthology from the 2020 pandemic, comprising of 72 authors connected to five continents. All funds raised from the sale of this book will be donated to such services.



Planned, organised, and executed Brunel University London's first TEDx event with a strict focus on making the event life changing for 6 University students and 1 staff member to project their stories to the world and directly boost their careers.

Santander Cycles Brunel

Crowdfunded £85,400 in 5 weeks to raise a total of £185,000 and set up a green transportation system that serves over 30,000 people today and was supported and inaugurated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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100 pioneering Brunel women 

Named as one of 100 pioneering women through the years who have helped shape Brunel University into what it is today.

Patent with Philips

Some of Dr Otermans's work has been covered by the Media

“Giving back can be done on a part time, full time or even on a little time basis. Just do it when you think its right and believe its impact counts.”

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Dr Pauldy Otermans


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